Oh the beauty of his face when he smiles

lights up the darkness in my life.

The emptiness and disgust disappears

when we speak.

The time we share together

is a hidden fact from the world

wanting to destroy

what might be the magic

needed in our lives. 


This Is Just a Joke

(vulgarity warning: pass on this if foul language disturbs you) 


Oh, for the love of love

Hey, fuck love and

fuck the motherfuckers who

fucking don't care if

they fuck a good fuck or

they fuck a bad fuck

all they fucking care about

is getting in a girl's pants

and getting their fuck 

The Stairs

Oh for the love of love

The power of the body is so intense

It takes only two


The stairs

They climb higher and higher

They never end


There is no relief for me

My climb lasts forever

I can never reach the top


Lord have mercy on me

Let me soar in paradise

If only for a second


Only three steps from heaven

Open the gates

Let me end this pain 

Illuminate My Soul

Oh the loss of my mind

Is so enlightening


My soul leads me

Roaming this lonely love

My karma has not been used

I have other lives ahead

Illuminate my soul

Let me rest in peace 

Die in Violence

Murder me

Oh murder me

Beat me please

Rape me

Gouge at my eyes 'till they fall loose

Slice my skin 'till my blood fills the room

I want to fight and lose to overpowerment

I want to die and die in violence 

Revealing All

The rhythm of your body with mine

Taken over by ecstasy


The heat of our passion

Revealing all 

All of the Fields

All of the fields

Filled with lifeless bodies


You and I as one

Move to the rhythm

of the river

As the lost souls rise


I can hear them whisper

in my ear

"Move slowly to the rhythm,

let the river surround you."


They float towards the heavens

Leaving me to drown in

the river of desire 

She Must Not Forget

I wish it were me

Then again

I don't


I have her back

I'm glad

The life is not really a part of me

She is, so the life will be too


The hurt is there

She doesn't show her fright


I will always be there

She must not forget 

She Hurt Me Again

Why did she do it

Why did she have to hurt me

I'm so scared

I don't want to lose her

I'm afraid to talk

What would she do

I already think she doesn't love me anymore

Someone help me

Please help me

I don't want her to leave me 

Cut Your Rope

I always seem to let you mess up my life

Why can't you just let me be

I wish I had never let you in


Leave me alone,

Just leave me alone!


My love is on the line

I'm not going to let you cut it this time

You can't get back in

My blood rope to you is filled no more


Cut your rope,

let it drain

I don't want your sickness anymore 

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