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Just Sick

Who do you think you are

Telling me what to do

I have a mind

I don't need you


I'm sick of you

I'm sick of life

Fuck you all


I don't need you

I can fend for myself

But you lock me up like I can't think


Like I said

I'm sick of you

I'm sick of life

Fuck you all one more time 


I Am Selfish

I am a selfish person

I try to think about others

but all it comes back to is

What will it do for me?

Is everybody like this?

I hope I'm not alone

Is it wrong to be selfish?

I hope it's not

When we were young

We were taught not to be

But I must be honest

We were taught to be

I am a selfish person

That Age

I wonder what it feels like to be

That age

I had forgotten what it was like to be

That age

Just starting to care?

I wonder

I think

I don't know anymore

How difficult is it to be

That age

Oh God why?!

Why do we have to grow older

and start to think about the problems of life

It's not fair, why must we have to

I want to go back

Back to the time when there was no care

Just wonder

I hate it

I hate it

 I hate it all! 





dedicated to Carrie and Kim

i love you 



Fly away from this guilty land

Can't we be free to think on our own?



You can't tell me we are free

I know it's not true

People telling us how to think

Telling us what to do

We aren't free

What do you mean "land of the free"?!

Our first right!

We have none!

It's a joke!

It's all a joke!

They are trying to bar down our souls

Tell me, tell me, how can we stop them?

What can I do?

Help, before it's too late

Just let me fly away! 












Experienced in a moment

How wonderful life is 

My Dearest Sweet

My dearest sweet

Don't you know I weep for you

I walk through the days and nights

Waiting and wondering

 If I'll ever hold you again


Can't you see the love I have for you

The love is so strong that I will let you live,

without me.

But someday I know that our hearts will meet again

and we shall be as one. 

Open Your Eyes

What will it take to make you see

That the love we had is still there


The love is there waiting for you to see it

I love you so much I wish you could see it


Why are you hiding?

What is it that scares you?


I want to be friends and take it slower

Not just passion but love this time


Open your eyes

I would do anything for you

I would give you everything I have

I just wish you could see

That the love we had is still there 

Color of the Mind

The mind works in so many ways

with colors, movements, and shapes.

Each part is special

and has it's own special job.


Waves, waves, like birds, boats, and fish in the sea.

All one movement,

so many colors.

Defined perfectly so one may understand it

and think.

What is reality?

What is reality?

Fantasy to some,

maybe to others reality.

How do we really know?

Reality comes from the mind

and so does fantasy come from within.

To some what they live is reality,

and what they dream is fantasy.

To others someone else's fantasy

may be reality.

When we say that someone is living in a fantasy

and refuses to see reality.

Have we asked what their reality is.

Is this reality? 

Life Illusion

Is life an illusion or fact?


Each and everyone is a pawn


Moving around on a board


Called life


Having fun while they can


Just waiting



That at any moment


Their game will end 

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