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tiny toes pointed

tiny toes pointed
tu-tu with pink satin trim
my beautiful girl


for you are my dream

for you are my dream
in death you are forever
my eyes bloody filled

beautiful ocean

beautiful ocean
danger beneath your beauty
enchanting beauty

the sun radiates

the sun radiates
off my naked body bleed
blind you forever

love searches in time

love searches in time
to awaken my heart burst
my dream dies with you

what do I do now

what do I do now
lover no more

not returned

I ache
for you
for love
for anything

a touch
a kiss
a love


waiting for you

waiting for you
my mind, heart

my dreams

my heart

my mind

my love

am I too fat

am I too fat
do your eyes wander
far, i wonder

you recoil from me
like a snake
you slither down

no play, you have stopped
like children in death
you’ve broken it