beyond the sunlight

beyond the sunlight
there is a beautiful land
my thoughts come and go


catching a river

catching a river
swiming with the flying fish
join in the beauty

My Dear Friends

My dear friends
You are the light
of my thoughts
The smiles of
my day
and the
Wishes of my heart


I've come to a crossroad

with you

I'm fighting with who I am becoming

and who I was

I know that I still love you

but there has been too much damage done

to my heart

I don't know if I can open it AGAIN

to you

I can see us together forever – sometimes

and sometimes – I don't 

Always Known

No one seems to
or know what to say
to me to make it right


I can't get you out
of my head
Every other thought is
about you


I think you must have
known somehow
I think you've always
known how you
affect me


That kiss took my breath away
and, God, I want more
more of you


You've always been my
So good
So tempting
So hard to avoid


I know I shouldn't
but I ache for more

A Lonely Tear

I miss that face

That beautiful face

I can't believe you're gone

The memories of all

Those loving times

Race through my mind

A lonely tear

Waiting for a shoulder

To fall on

Yours isn't there

To relive all those moments

Just a dream

Will it ever come true?

You decide

I'll leave it up to you 

The End is Near

Such a fool

He doesn't know

What he's given up

I didn't want any of this

Like glass

My heart has shattered

Under pressure


Oh what a force

A force that can destroy

With a touch

My soul is at the breaking point

The crack

Growing deeper

Growing longer

With each touch

The end of my sanity is near

The end is near

Yes my darling

The end is near 

Such Fools

Such fools in this world

trying to destroy me

I can laugh in their faces

as they run after me

They cannot stop my love world

Such fools to try to break me down

I smile at their disgrace

My love world will always run – around 

My Last Notice

This is my last notice

I don't want anymore

Sure it was fun while

it lasted

But I've decided to walk

out the door

Isn't it funny how this

little game works

You push

I push

We all push

I'm tired of pushing

Sorry, I had to go 

So I Hurt You

I could have lied

but I love you too much

I'm sorry

I hurt you

I'm sorry

you're hurt


You may not hate me – yet

but the "yet" says

that you will

You say you wouldn't do this to me

but I could never hate you


So I hurt you

You hurt me too

So what comes next

You're afraid I'll leave you

But remember

You don't hate me – yet

but I could never hate you 

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